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How The Gadzooks Do You ‘Unlock’
My Voice?

Sarah Whitbread Copywriter

And Srsly, Why Should I Give
a Fig About Storytelling?

And other FAQs

Let’s cut to the chase. Who are you?

Hey there! I’m Sarah. A Copywriter, Storyteller and Creative Strategist —

And before you ask, what does that all mean? Let me take you back a few years...

Before writing copy I was a Graphic Designer and Illustrator. A disillusioned one. By day designing and illustrating magazine layouts. By night, brand identities for startups. With a profound love of books and a slowly fading degree in English, you could say something was lacking… 

Man, I missed the words.

So, I grit my teeth — and made a pivot. Now I write copy that sounds like you talk. Stir it up with some of your best stories...

Layer it with a thick gorgeous ganache of everything I’ve learned over the years about creative brand strategy (you could say it’s my special sauce…)

Et voilà! Make your dream clients crave a huge, scrummy slice of whatever you’re selling.

You’re a writer? Oooh. Are you any good?

Man, you are a straight shooter. But — yes. I am bloody good actually. (And British. So blushing profusely.)

How do I know? I’ve been trained by the best. I’m one of Alex Cattoni's Copy Posse grads and a member of her high-level Copywriting Mastermind. I've learned Direct Response marketing from Stefan Georgi and Marisa Corcoran's secrets to personality packed copy.

In short, I’ve learned the latest copy tricks, tactics and tools to grab attention in today’s batsh*t crazy world.

I’m not stuck in the 60’s Golden Age of Advertising. (Well, maybe my wardrobe is. And my record collection.) Nor do I have any vomitus old-school-yuppie salesy habits... 

Just an adoration (addiction?) for finding the right words to make your copy sell, and free your mind from thinking about it 24/7. Feels good, right?

(And, why do people think it’s okay to ask any writer/artist/creative if they’re any good?! But I digress...)

What’s your big ‘Why’?

Crikey. That IS a biggie. Truth is, copy gets a pretty bad rap. Douchey marketing and scammy sales techniques slathered across your sales pages. Screens. It’s a scourge.

But, it shouldn’t be that way. The best copy's about building relationships. Connecting someone who has a need, desire (or yes, simple WANT) to your service. For you to make their life infinitely better...

The best part? It’s that audible sigh of relief when I silence the bees of overwhelm buzzing in your head...


The look on your face when I capture your voice and your dream client laps up and loves your $$$$$ program... 

And honestly? It’s making a living doing what I love. (Plus eating at Hawksmoor, shopping at Waitrose, and the occasional boutique minibreak...)

Do you really live in a castle?

Haha, gosh no! Imagine the parties... I’m super lucky to live in a pretty Tudor village in England, within striking distance of ‘the loveliest castle in the world.’ So, when the weather plays ball you’ll probably find me writing there. 

True fact: a client from the U.S. did once say she felt like she was ‘talking to Princess Diana’ on our call. *Gulp.* (A HUGE compliment of course!)

So, how do you unlock my voice?

Well, the first phase of working together is my secret strategy to dig deep into the 'you' of your brand. And, darling, when I say deep — a cheap flimsy snorkel ain’t gonna cut it. 

I’ll be asking you questions like:

  • Who do you want your Copy to please — and who are you willing to disappoint?

  • What are you hiding or downplaying in your business?

  • What life events have shaped you as a person — and therefore a business owner?  

It’s enlightening, empowering and essential. It's time just for you...


And much like Dorothy's Tin Man, it gives heart and soul to any dull, nameless avatar, and breathes life into your ideal client. Plus, it uncovers the stories, phrases and messaging that'll zing straight to the heart of them.

Crucially, it magnetically attracts the people you MOST want to work with, builds a genuine relationship and quite simply...


Makes them want to bask in your orbit.

And, why should I give a fig
about storytelling?

As Eddie Cochran once sang, writing for business today is somethin’ else. Personal. Conversational.

You can have the bright shiny brand, the gorgeous website, the dishy typeface (yep, the sight of avant garde still makes me weak at the knees). But, however beautiful those words may look, if they don’t land…

If they don't build rapport and trust, you’ll never attract those soul-aligned clients. Or get the visibility you deserve.

Because ironically — facts are fungible (hey, just ask our PM). The features of your product or service might be identical to another. Those alone won’t be enough to entice people to sink their teeth into a slice of your pie...

But a slice of life will.


Stories spark emotional truth. Connection... 

From those first visual stories — 30,000 year old cave drawings in Lascaux, France — to the books you share at bedtime, that song you belt out on the motorway, or Ruth’s Shakespearean tragedy in Ozark…

Storytelling is universal. It’s what makes us human. 

And it’s retelling your stories — with purpose, empathy, and authenticity — that’ll finally hook your lobster. Faster than Ross snagged Rachel. 

(And honestly? It helps that I’m that person at the party everyone spills their heart out to...)

thumbnails_testimonials camilla.png

Sarah digs deep into my mind and helps me clarify what it is I’m really looking for.

Sarah’s not only a great copywriter and professional, she’s also an amazing person! She goes beyond the scope of the brief, making suggestions for improvement and extra research to create more compelling copy. 


I absolutely love that she digs deep into my mind, asks all the hard questions and makes me think about what the answers are. In return this helps me clarify (even to myself) what it is I’m really looking for. She helps me find it.


Honestly, working with Sarah has been an amazing experience! I cannot imagine working without her. Her copy is compelling, intuitive, clear and simple. I’ve carried Sarah with me to 3 projects now and everyone is always impressed.

Camila Portela Jatahy Ferreira - Marketing Expert, Tribe47

Sarah Whitbread - Copywriter

Sarah Whitbread

Sarah Whitbread is a Copywriter, Storyteller and Creative Strategist, who specialises in writing words that sound like you... and effortlessly sell your sh*t. (Ahem, that's services darling.)


She has a degree in English Literature from Goldsmiths, University of London (but one wasn’t enough, so went on to grab a First Class in Graphic Media from UCA). She's worked in publishing, journalism and juggled single-motherhood with bookselling. Oh, and she worked as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator for over a decade. 


Whether designing brand identities for startups or established entrepreneurs, Sarah realised all business owners have one thing in common — they struggle to get their magic onto virtual paper. Worse? Most are hiding behind a swish logo, utterly convinced they have nothing to say…

​So, she made a pivot. Fusing mammoth brand knowledge with an obsessive love of words, Sarah now writes uncopyable copy. She’s developed an effortless strategy that will free your voice, tell your story and call in your soul-aligned clients.


When not writing words that walk your talk, you’ll find Sarah curled up with the boyfriend in front of Cary Grant movies, or dissecting Mad Men with her son (they’re obsessed). She loves travelling, and climbed Mount Etna in socks and sandals. She dislikes exclamation marks (no, she’s not in the wrong profession) loves an ampersand, Elvis and swimming in the ocean. But for now, she’ll settle for the murky English Channel…


She lives in the UK’s glorious ‘Garden of England’, but will unlock her client's voice wherever they are in the world. (Although she sadly got an ‘E’ in French. So that could get tricky...)

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Sarah is a fierce voice in the copywriting industry.

Her writing, creativity, and sass help so many female entrepreneurs craft their bold message and stand out from the sea of Ann Taylor blazers and ‘Girl Boss’ mugs.


If you’re ready for your business to be unapologetically you, call Sarah.

Caitlin Lemon - Copywriter

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