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Step Inside the World of My 1:1 Services

Sell out your offers (in your voice, on your terms) with undeniable, unapologetic webcopy. 

Here's what I know to be true...


Your website is your stake in the ground. It’s where you stand up and show the world who you are—and it positions you as the go-to expert. 

A sensational site will cast your vision, and reel in your dream clients. And it has the power to transform you into a Goddess of your niche. 


So, if you’re ready to step into the truth of who you are. If you want to feel seen, heard, and esteemed by the power of your own words… 


And liberate your life’s work with extraordinary expansion…

Welcome. You’re in the right place. 


I’m so happy with the way my website turned out!

I love that Sarah added 8 things that got me to where I am now. I love that she took out my testimonial page and spread them throughout the site instead...


‘My proudest achievement was launching the website on social media— having dozens of clients comment and tell me in person how much they loved it.


‘I absolutely loved Sarah! She made me feel so comfortable. And her method of ‘unlocking my voice’ and telling my story was amazing! I’ll admit, I didn’t know how she was going to do it, with just the questions she asked—but she nailed it!

Jaime Nicole Beauty Collagen

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Sarah goes beyond the scope of the brief, making suggestions for improvement and extra research to create more compelling copy.

I absolutely love that she digs deep into my mind, asks all the hard questions and makes me think about what the answers are. In return this helps me clarify (even to myself) what it is I’m really looking for.

Honestly, working with Sarah has been an amazing experience! I cannot imagine working without her. Her copy is compelling, intuitive, clear and simple. I’ve carried Sarah with me to 3 projects now and everyone is always impressed.

Camila Jatahy - Marketing Maverick, Tribe47

Kick-off Your Manolos & Crack Open The Moet...

The Goddess Experience


This is where I pluck your vision out of the clouds, and put you firmly on the map.


This sumptuous, all-inclusive experience delivers your entire legacy from start to finish. And darling, it couldn’t be easier…

Here’s what you walk away with:

  • Webcopy that unleashes your inner Goddess—and calls in an incredible future.

  • A beautiful Brand Voice Book that captures you in a way no-one else can.

  • A Lead Magnet that calls in your A-list (enough to make Jay Gatsby jealous!) 

  • Welcome Sequence that makes your dream clients remember, rave and refer you.

And this is how we do it:

My signature blueprint:
The 3 Cs of Courageous Webcopy


Together, we’ll release the blocks that have been preventing your business from moving forward—and get crystal clear on who you are and what you want in a very real and tangible way.


I’ll take a deep dive and uncover the messaging, words and phrases that capture your unique beauty as an entrepreneur. 


And, we’ll get strategic and connect your website to your bigger business goals—so you finally gain clarity on your core offers.


What dreams, hopes and ambitions have you had for oooh, forever? What magazines would you love to be published in, or podcasts to be featured on? Who are your dream clients or collaborators? 


With the right positioning we can make it happen...


And, know this: I’m a fearless writer. I’ll put into words what others are afraid to say... All I ask is you’re willing to open up, and let me work my magic.


Ahh the mystery of UX. This is where I add subtle cues that makes your website clear, compelling and easy to follow. 


My 10+ years of brand and creative industry experience means I look at your website, a little differently. I'm here to create a vortex into your world.


Plus, I’ll confidently liaise with any SEO maverick or design team to whisk it all off your plate—leaving you to glide into the abundant future you’ve always dreamed of.

Ready to gain huge momentum in your business with the right webcopy?

Testimonial Holly Boxenhorn

Sarah is a freakin’ rockstar! She boosted my email open rates from 30% to a massive 58%!!!

I feel the website truly captures who I am and how I coach, reminding me that my approach is unique and valuable.


I love your approach and your copy so much, I don’t want our work together to be over…

Holly Boxenhorn
- Women’s Transformational Life Coach


Ok. I just nearly cried.

I knew I found you for a reason.

You absolutely crushed your first draft at this.


Wow just wow.

I can already tell your level of talent and capabilities here and I’m blown away. 

Jenny Farias
- Entrepreneur & Marketing Strategist

Not Sure What You Need?

Want to build an exclusive bespoke package? No idea what a brand voice guide is (and wanna gossip about London?)


No problem! Caress that dishy gold button below, and let’s see where a good ol' no-strings discovery call could take you… 

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Why You Need This Renaissance Woman To Light a Fire Under Your Webcopy

Sarah Whitbread, Webcopy, UX and Brand Voice Specialist, is devoted to helping you craft an unforgettable online presence—so you truly have the confidence to stand up, and show the world who you are.

Sarah knows a sensational site will give you the courage to unleash your uniqueness—and liberate your life’s work. Her secret? Fearless, unapologetic webcopy that captures your voice in a way no-one else can.

(Just ask Leon. He’d spent 2 years searching for a copywriter to rewrite his website before Sarah swung by…)


Sarah honed her craft under copy giants Alex Cattoni, Laura Belgray and Stefan Georgi. She’s an English graduate from Goldsmiths, University of London and has a First Class in Graphic Media from UCA. Before finding her calling as a copywriter, she worked for over a decade in the creative industry as a graphic designer and illustrator—but now it’s her words that paint an irresistible picture for her clients.


When not bringing your uncopyable message to light, you’ll find Sarah curled up with the boyfriend in front of Cary Grant movies, or dissecting Mad Men with her son (they’re obsessed). She loves travelling, and climbed Mount Etna in socks and sandals. She dislikes exclamation marks (no, she’s not in the wrong profession) loves an ampersand, Elvis and swanning round castles…


But, why Renaissance woman? Well, struck down by a rare auto-immune disease, Christmas 2021 started with a heart attack, and ended with a call on New Year’s Day from the consultant who would save her life—and change her outlook on everything… 


Know this: Sarah will fight for everything she loves—her family, her voice, her raw self-expression. She’ll give you the best, demand nothing less, and conjure words others are unable to say. 

So, are you ready to stand up, and grab the mic?

thumbnails_testimonials caitlin.png

Sarah is a fierce voice in the copywriting industry.

Her writing, creativity, and sass help so many female entrepreneurs craft their bold message and stand out from the sea of Ann Taylor blazers and ‘Girl Boss’ mugs.


If you’re ready for your business to be unapologetically you, call Sarah.

Caitlin Lemon - Copywriter

Ready to Unleash Your Inner Goddess With Courageous Webcopy?

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