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Sarah Whitbread - Copywriter

Website copy not bringing the


No sweat.
I'd love to write it for you.

Website Copy, UX Strategy (& more!)

that sounds like you, and revolutionises

your business 

Take your webcopy from wishy-washy to ‘WANT!’ with my 
Stand Up & Sell Out 
Swipe Files

A before-and-after webcopy mini-masterclass.

loriann testi.png

OMG! This guide is the BOMB and explains what and why so clearly!

Laurie-Ann Murabito
- Speaking Coach & Strategist

selena-testimonial-headshot 540p.png

Sarah is a phenomenal copywriter who is an absolute joy to work with... Our launch brought in $66,000 in sales!

She exceeded my expectations (which is hard to do!) with the opt-in page and email copy for my Forbes masterclass. I appreciate her creative, out-of-the-box thinking that she brought to this project.

The launch brought in dozens of dream customers and $66,000 in sales. I cannot recommend Sarah highly enough!

Selena Soo - 7-Figure Business Mentor & PR Expert

*Spondulicks? That's British for dolla dolla darling...

I'm guessing you're here because you want some of that?

Plus I'm guessing you want your audience to feel struck by lightning.

Weak-at-the-knees at all you have to offer. 

But, the trouble is, what you've got now...  

It's put you in the wrong room, in the wrong conversation.

You’re tired of pretending you’re someone you’re not. Endlessly tweaking to find the 'right' words. You want to scream, freakout, anything but this buttoned-up blazer you've found yourself in.

Oh yes, the wrong words? They'll dim your light, and hold you back.

Well, not for much longer…

Ready to unblock your voice, and unbutton-up your brand? 

Yes. Yes. Yes!

Truth is, you can ignite explosive, swoonworthy ‘I’ll have what she’s having’ connections in your business...


Your webcopy can make your dream clients crave a Katz's Deli-sized sandwich of whatever you’re selling. Gobble up your content, day after day...


And you can stay irresistibly, authentically YOU 

... and never fear you’re faking it.


The (Un)Buttoned-up Project

If you’re ready to get crystal clear on who you are, and what you want, in a very real and tangible way…


If you want webcopy that sounds like you, sales pages that (actually) sell, and email copy that calls in your dreamiest clients…


And you’re ready to loosen your tie, strip away your 'shoulds,'

and (un)button-up your brand, then you need to...

Sarah Whitbread - Copywriter

Hello there, I’m Sarah...


Brave, British and tired of the BS, I’ve learned the hard way to stand up, stop giving a sh*t, and sell. My speciality? Bold, fearless copy for your Website, Sales Pages and Emails. In fact, all the core copy pieces you need to seduce the dishiest clients, and get them in bed with your brand. 


Trust me, you’ll be amazed how liberated it feels to be true to yourself, and (Un)Buttoned-up...

Sounds good?


Check out my Services now, or swipe for 6 sneak-peeks at how I got here... 


Lyrics are my jam baby!

With ‘Sassy’ Sarah Vaughan as my namesake, music was alive in our house. Those hours soaking up Dad’s records undoubtedly gave me an ‘ear’ for copy…


Sentences with rhythm and melody. Hooks that hit you like a night at Ronnie Scott's...


And I’m damn sure my continued love affairs with Donald Fagen and Scott Walker (sorry Donald) have made me the storyteller I am today.


Sarah brings grace, poise and genuinely cares about her clients' work and purpose.

Sarah provided worlds of value, creativity, and a strong work ethic for two different projects I brought to her that had tight turnarounds. Her seasoned copywriting skills captured the mission, tone, and brand of both projects boldly and elegantly for our audiences.


In addition to being a talented copywriter, true team player and great communicator, Sarah brings grace and poise to co-creative and professional environments, and genuinely cares about her clients’ work and purpose. I look forward to collaborating with her more in the future. 

Melissa Jun Rowley
- Journalist, Activist & Founder of Warrior Love Productions

Susan-at a computer.png

Sarah's truly one of the best in the business. 

It's rare I come across a copywriter with Sarah's talent. Her words have an energy and vitality that leap off the page and truly capture the essence of the brand she is representing.

Her deep understanding of web design and user experience means her words not only sound great but are designed to perform in the digital space.


I've seen the energy and effort she puts into her projects, you want this woman on your side! She's truly one of the best in the business.

Susan Reoch
- UX Copy Mentor & Digital Strategist

We’re like Taylor and Burton*
(* ie. so hot we'll shock the Vatican)
if you:

Want a Copywriter who just gets your brand,
without Biology-level dissection

As a former Graphic Designer with a 1:1 BA in Graphic Media, I know that while the right image turns heads, great copy sells baby! And when caught in a clinch… phew. They’re hotter than July.

The (Un)Buttoned-up Project Has Helped My Clients ‘Profoundly Reignite Their Why.’

Here’s what it can do for you...

  • A Website that captures your magic, that you actually want to send people to. (Seriously, it’s possible!)


  • Webcopy that’s ALL you — and not how you think you 'should' be in your business.


  • UX Strategy that takes you from hot mess to hot coal of desire.

  • A Lead Magnet that hooks your lobster (faster than Ross snagged Rachel). 


  • Emails that build real relationships — and turn lurkers into leads.

  • Sales Pages that sell out your offers, and grow your online presence. In your voice, on your terms.  

Sounds like what you need?

Given that you’ve come all the way down here, let me ask you one simple question:

Imagine how it’d feel, to know your sales pages, emails and webcopy... works?

Maybe you would:

  • Stop forever tweaking, and start thinking BIG about your business?

  • Get super clear on your message, and call in the people you MOST want to work with?

  • Wake up to global sales, leads or dream connections?

  • Grab the mic and unleash your voice—online, on podcasts or in the media?

... and stand up and show the world, and yourself, that you can do it?

thumbnails_testimonials Lara.png

Everything Sarah did for my brand was intentional.

From the moment we discussed the copy she asked targeted questions, engaged with the products, took time out of her schedule to actually meet with me at a branding shoot and stayed the whole day, actively contributing to design and concepts for the brand and so much more. 


She was intuitive, creative and articulated my thoughts with sophistication and clarity.

Lara Felix
- Founder & Creative Director, Mimo Silk

thumbnails_testimonials angelika.png

Sarah is endlessly creative. Her copy shines a light. 

Sarah is endlessly creative, and her copy shines a light. Whatever the product, she'll make it sing! Her copy retains original tone of voice and compels as a professional marketing tool.

I loved our time working together!

Angelika Dul
- Digital Marketing Master

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