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Can’t Find The Words That Bring The Spondulicks*?

*Ahem. That’s British for ‘dolla dolla’ darling...

Sarah Whitbread - Copywriter
Sarah Whitbread Copywriter

No Sweat.
I'd Love To Write Them For You...

Copy, Storytelling + Creative Strategy

That Unlocks Your Voice & Wows Your Soul-Aligned Clients

Testimonial Holly Boxenhorn

Sarah is a freakin’ rockstar! She’s boosted my email open rates from 30% to a massive 52 - 58%!!!

It still amazes me how she’ll listen to me share and then magically transform it all into amazing, rich, funny copy. Her approach is very relaxed, down to earth and professional—so the trust factor was instantaneous.

I loved the conversations we had & the questions Sarah asked. She undoubtedly unlocked my voice… I left our sessions feeling energized about my work and how I want to show up for my clients. Working together helped me gain further clarity on my coaching style and profoundly reignited my ‘why’—not only behind my business but as a person, and how I want to show up in my life, whether that be in my relationships with others or myself.

Holly Boxenhorn - Women's Midlife Transition Coach

Tired of feeling like your messaging...
belongs to someone else?

So. You know your product, or service, is smokin' hot. And your brand shimmers, waiting for the phone to ring...

Yet, your audience is — tepid. Silent. And where exactly?

Let's flip that script, because right now you’re…

The antidote?

Crystal clear messaging that unlocks your A-list (and would make Jay Gatsby jealous)

In the wrong room.

Perpetually in the wrong conversation. (7th grade is over, right?)

Copy and design? Et voilà!

Let’s make it a breathtaking beacon to your brilliance. (And get it the f* out into the world.)

Stuck in limbo.

Your website? Limps on version 72.

It’s a plug that drains your energy…

Your words are your integrity. Think: Unapologetic. Unfiltered. Unleashed. We’ll uncover stories that are all you — and liberate that email list.

Editing yourself.

Percolating in your own head.

Emails wilt, half written... to crickets.

You have the vision.

Now it’s time to get extraordinary, and unleash the power of your own words…

Dimming your own light.

Scouring the competition for copy-and-pasteable phrases that’ll never sit right.

Delete. Scowl. Repeat.

Whoa. Picture the alternative: beach with your beloveds, or a G&T with Real Housewives? Darling, I’d just love to liberate your time!

Treating your business
like a third child.

You nurture it, take care of it first, massage the ‘right’ words...

It's Time Your Copy Put You Centre Stage

Yes. Yes. Yes!

Truth is, you can ignite When Harry Met Sally level ‘I’ll have what she’s having’ swoonworthy connections in your business...


Make your dream clients instantly crave a Katz Deli-sized sandwich of whatever you’re selling. Gobble up your content, day after day...


And — stay irresistibly, authentically YOU.


So you’ll never fear you’re faking it.

Sarah Whitbread - Copywriter

Well, hello there. I’m Sarah...


Storyteller, Creative Strategist and writer of captivating, money-making copy for entrepreneurs that seduces their dream clients… With ease dahling, not overwhelm.


It’s so glorious to meet you!

Check out my About page, or read on for 7 sneak-peeks at moi — and why I’m your copy dream...

Lyrics are my jam baby!

With ‘Sassy’ Sarah Vaughan as my namesake, music was alive in our house. Those hours soaking up Dad’s spinning records undoubtedly gave me an ‘ear’ for copy…


Sentences with rhythm and melody. Hooks that hit you like a night at Ronnie Scotts...


And I’m damn sure my continued love affairs with Donald Fagen and Scott Walker (sorry Donald) have made me the storyteller I am today.

Testimonial Lara Felix

Everything Sarah did for my brand was intentional.

From the moment we discussed the copy she asked targeted questions, engaged with the products, took time out of her schedule to actually meet with me at a branding shoot and stayed the whole day, actively contributing to design and concepts for the brand and so much more. 


She was intuitive, creative and articulated my thoughts with sophistication and clarity.

Lara Felix - Mimo Silk

We’re like Taylor and Burton
(minus the flying crockery)
if you...

Want a Copywriter who just gets your brand,
without Biology-class level dissection

Oh crumbs no! As a former Graphic Designer with a 1:1 in Graphic Media, I've learned that while the right image turns heads, great copy sells baby! And when caught in a clinch… phew. They’re hotter than July.


Whether you’re a savvy startup or an established entrepreneur, you know your words matter
and you’re ready for someone
to whisk those words off
your plate. 

To bring your message,
stories and vision to life.

Here's how I can help you:

Webcopy that’s a testament to you, and what you stand for. That gets you seen, heard and esteemed through the power of your own words.


Emails that engage, empower, embolden — and ignite the deep connection you’ve been craving.


Sales Copy that has ‘em queuing round the block for your high-ticket offers (longer than Bond Street

on Boxing Day!)


Creative Strategy that takes you from burnt out to a hot coal of desire.


Your Website: Done & Dusted That’s copy and design. One streamlined service that puts you in the limelight…

And calls in your dream clients with total ease and confidence!

Sounds like what you need?

Let's Pull Back The Curtain...

And Crack Open The Moët!

Here’s how I’ll help you WOW your dream clients

with words that walk your talk...

The Copy Studio

Testimonial Angelika Dul

Sarah's copy shines a light...

Sarah is endlessly creative. Whatever the product, she'll make it sing! Her copy retains original tone of voice AND compels as a professional marketing tool.

I loved our time working together!

Angelika Dul - Digital Marketing Master

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