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Sarah Whitbread - Copywriter

Unleash your true, undeniable voice with Webcopy That Works

Website Copy & UX Strategy

that sounds like you, and revolutionizes your business 

Take your webcopy from wishy-washy to ‘WANT!’ with my 
Stand Up & Sell Out 
Swipe Files

A before-and-after webcopy mini-masterclass.

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OMG! This guide is the BOMB and explains what and why so clearly!

Laurie-Ann Murabito
- Speaking Coach & Strategist

Testimonial Holly Boxenhorn

Sarah is a freakin’ rockstar! She boosted my email open rates from 30% to a massive 58%!!!

It still amazes me how she’ll listen to me share and then magically transform it all into amazing, rich, funny copy. Her approach is very relaxed, down to earth and professional—so the trust factor was instantaneous.


I loved the conversations we had & the questions Sarah asked. She unlocked my voice and I left our sessions feeling energized about my work and how I want to show up for my clients. 


Working together helps me gain further clarity on my coaching style and profoundly reignited my ‘why’—not only behind my business but as a person, and how I want to show up in my life, whether that be in my relationships with others or myself.

Holly Boxenhorn - Women's Midlife Transition Coach

Do you believe in love at first sight?

(Because your ideal clients will, when they see your webcopy!)

Sure, your service, is smokin' hot. But your webcopy?

It’s struggling to keep up.

You want your audience to feel struck by lightning.

Weak-at-the-knees at all you have to offer… 

But, what you've got now? 

It puts you in the wrong room, in the wrong conversation.

You’re tired of pretending you’re someone you’re not. Endlessly tweaking to find the 'right' words. You’re crying out to express your true, undeniable voice—but can’t silence the bees of overwhelm buzzing in your head. 

Oh yes, the wrong webcopy? It'll dim your light, and hold you back.

Well, no more…

Ready to fly in the face of all those good girl 'shoulds'? 

Yes. Yes. Yes!

Truth is, you can ignite When Harry Met Sally style ‘I’ll have what she’s having’ swoonworthy connections in your business...


Your webcopy should make your dream clients crave a Katz Deli-sized sandwich of whatever you’re selling. Gobble up your content, day after day...


AND—you can stay irresistibly, authentically YOU 

So you’ll never fear you’re faking it.

Sarah Whitbread - Copywriter

Hello there, I’m Sarah...


The webcopy wordsmith you need to whisk it all off your plate, put your business on the map, and seduce your dream clients (with total ease darling, not overwhelm).  


It’s wonderful to meet you! 


Please, check out my Services, or swipe for 6 sneak-peeks at me—and why I’m your webcopy dream.


Lyrics are my jam baby!

With ‘Sassy’ Sarah Vaughan as my namesake, music was alive in our house. Those hours soaking up Dad’s records undoubtedly gave me an ‘ear’ for copy…


Sentences with rhythm and melody. Hooks that hit you like a night at Ronnie Scott's...


And I’m damn sure my continued love affairs with Donald Fagen and Scott Walker (sorry Donald) have made me the storyteller I am today.

Testimonial Lara Felix

Everything Sarah did for my brand was intentional.

From the moment we discussed the copy she asked targeted questions, engaged with the products, took time out of her schedule to actually meet with me at a branding shoot and stayed the whole day, actively contributing to design and concepts for the brand and so much more. 


She was intuitive, creative and articulated my thoughts with sophistication and clarity.

Lara Felix - Mimo Silk

Here’s how we’ll call in your dream clients with total ease and confidence...

The Goddess Experience

If you’re ready to get crystal clear on who you are, and what you want, in a very real and tangible way…


If you want webcopy that sounds like you, and positions you as the visionary you are…


And you’re ready for ALL that flows from it: clarity on your offers, an undeniable media presence, and breathtaking abundance...

We’re like Taylor and Burton*
(* ie. so hot we'll shock the Vatican)
if you:

Want a Copywriter who just gets your brand,
without Biology-level dissection

As a former Graphic Designer with a 1:1 BA in Graphic Media, I know that while the right image turns heads, great copy sells baby! And when caught in a clinch… phew. They’re hotter than July.

My Work Has Helped My Clients
‘Profoundly Reignite Their Why.’

Here’s what my copy can do for you...

  • A website that not only captures your magic, but that you’re excited to send people to. (Seriously, it’s possible!)


  • Webcopy that’s ALL you—and not how you think you 'should' be in your business.


  • UX strategy that takes you from hot mess to hot coal of desire.

  • Lead Magnet that hooks your lobster (faster than Ross snagged Rachel). 


  • Emails that build real relationships—and turn lurkers into leads.

  • Clarity on your offers, and the confidence to grow that online presence. In your voice, on your terms.  

Sounds like what you need?

Given that you’ve come all the way down here, let me ask you one simple question:

Imagine how it’d feel, to know your webcopy... works?

Perhaps you would:

  • Stop the endless tweaking, and start thinking BIG about your business?

  • Get super clear on your message, and call in the people you MOST want to work with?

  • Wake up to global sales, leads or dream connections?

  • Grab the mic and unleash your voice—online, on podcasts or in the media?

... And finally, stand up and show the world, and yourself, that you can do it?

Testimonial Angelika Dul

Sarah's copy shines a light...

Sarah is endlessly creative. Whatever the product, she'll make it sing! Her copy retains original tone of voice AND compels as a professional marketing tool.

I loved our time working together!

Angelika Dul - Digital Marketing Master

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